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    Office of Business Practices

    At Caterpillar, we live by a Code that provides guidance for ethical business practices and the way we conduct ourselves in the workplace. ?Caterpillar is dedicated to providing a work environment that reflects, supports and promotes our foundational values of Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Commitment and Sustainability. If you encounter an issue, need advice, or have a question related to the Code of Conduct, Caterpillar has systems in place to make sure you can get the guidance you need, confidentially. ?First, check with your supervisor, local management, local or corporate human resources teams or Legal Services. ?You always have the option to contact the Office of Business Practices using the contact information below.

    The Office of Business Practices answers questions on the specific values and behavioral expectations described in Caterpillar’s Code of Conduct, policies, procedures, and practices. Certain issues such as union grievances, union contract issues, and matters that relate to pending or threatened litigation are beyond the scope of the Office of Business Practices’ activities and will be referred appropriately.

    We must all use these reporting rights responsibly and report issues only where we reasonably believe there has been a violation, and not where the report is intended to be harassing, is based on personal opinion only, or is otherwise trivial.

    No Retaliation Policy

    Caterpillar will not take any action against you as a result of raising an ethical issue in good faith. Also, Caterpillar does not tolerate any reprisal by any individual against an employee for raising a concern or making a report in good faith.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Online Reporting (can be submitted anonymously):?https://codeofconduct.tnwreports.com

    By Email: ?BusinessPractices@cat.com

    By Mail:

    ????????Caterpillar Inc.
    ????????Office of Business Practices
    ????????100 N.E. Adams Street
    ????????Peoria, IL 61629-6485 USA

    By Phone:

    We have engaged NAVEX Global, Inc., an independent organization staffed by interview specialists, to answer each Helpline call since their personnel are available to provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call, you do not have to give your name. ?Each call to the Helpline will be summarized in a report by an interview specialist from NAVEX Global, Inc. Reports will be sent electronically to the office of Business Practices and receive prompt, personal attention.

    Call Collect Helpline +1-770-582-5275 (language translation available)

    Toll-free Helpline: Caterpillar maintains toll-free Helpline numbers in various countries. Inside Canada, the United States, and the U.S. Virgin Islands the number is 1-800-300-7898.

    International Toll-free OBP Helpline Numbers:

    Callers need to first dial the number required for an external line.

    Country Phone Language ?
    Australia 1-800-05-6013 English Less
    Belgium 0800-7-2095 French Less
    Brazil 0800-892-0594 Portuguese Less
    China 10-800-110-1271 Chinese (Mandarin) Less
    Czech Republic 800-143-852 Czech Less
    France 0800-905-581 French Less
    Germany 0800-182-4190 * German Less
    Hungary 06-800-20-888 Hungarian Less
    India 000-800-100-1647 Tamil Less
    Indonesia 001-803-1-0067591 Indonesian Less
    Italy 800-783398 Italian Less




    Japanese Less
    Korea 00308-11-0555 Korean Less
    Mexico 001-800-300-7898 Spanish Less
    Poland 0-0-800-151-01-07 Polish Less
    Singapore 800-110-2116 English Less
    South Africa 0-800-200-800 English Less
    Spain 900-9-91073 * Spanish Less
    Sweden 020-79-46-89 Swedish Less
    Switzerland 0800-563-957 * English Less
    Thailand 001-800-11-0067591 Thai Less
    United Kingdom 0808-234-4679 English Less

    (* not available from mobile phones)

    Russia and The Netherlands - Instructions for using AT&T Direct Access are as follows:

    Employees will dial the AT&T Direct Access Code listed below for their particular area/telephone carrier to get on to the AT&T Network. ?The caller will then hear a tone or prompt. ?After the prompt, dial the Second Stage Number listed below (toll-free number) upon hearing the tone/prompt. ?This will connect the caller to NAVEX Global, Inc.

    Note: It is important to dial the second number when prompted, regardless of the type of prompt. ?The tone/prompt, if verbal, may be in English or the native language, depending on how AT&T has set up the network associated to that access line.

    Country AT&T Access Code Language ?
    Russia (Moscow) 8^495-363-2400 Russian Less
    Russia (St. Petersburg) 8^812-363-2400 Russian Less
    Russia (all other areas) 8^10-800-110-1011 Russian Less
    The Netherlands 0800-022-9111 Dutch Less

    Second Stage Number

    ? Less


    Public phones require coin or card deposit.

    May not be available from every phone/public phone.

    Additional charges apply when calling outside Moscow and St. Petersburg.